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Meeting Notes for January 2, 2020

President Jill gaveled the meeting to order at 12:10 pm.  We sang My Country ‘Tis of Thee, said the Pledge of Allegiance, and prayed. Jill accidentally asked Jim to say the prayer.  Jerry was not offended.

Members present included Les, Jim Stevens, Jim Schwark, Gary, Pastor Jerry, Greg, Stephanie (our newest member ), Andrea and President Jill.

Andrea was busy.  She sold 50 / 50 (won by Jill), and the card game. Winning tickets were drawn by Gary and Jill.  Nobody pulled the winning or losing cards the pot will grow.  Andrea also was the Sheriff and collector of Happy Dollars.

Happy Dollars were contributed by Jim Schwark, Jim Stevens,
Jerry, Jill, Gary and Greg.

All the Birthday and Anniversary people were missing so we
will make sure they pay up next week.

Our meeting room is being renovated, so we met in the
alternate room we are usually assigned when our room is not available.

Committee reports included Jim Stevens telling us we are on
board for the 5k and a meeting will be held soon.  Greg updated us on the
MI District book project, and also updated us on Charity poker which is
scheduled for late April.  Pastor Jerry gave us info on our website.
 Portal Buzz raised the fee they charge us, so we will be going in a
different direction.

Thanks to everybody who rang bells for Salvation Army on
December 20 – 21.  Thanks also to those who assisted with The shopping
event at Walmart on December 14th.

Our next meeting will be next Thursday January 9th.  If
you haven’t been at a meeting recently, please know we miss you and would like
to see you again.

Thank you to Jim Schwark for taking notes for this meeting.